Amy-Marie Gilpin


Postdoc March-July 2017

My research interests include (1) Determining the relative contribution of different pollinators to yield and fruit quality (2) The relationship between species diversity and ecosystem services within agro-ecosystems. (3) How mass flowering events impact the pollination of surrounding co-flowering plant species. (4) The impact of the invasive honeybee (Apis mellifera) on both plant-pollinator interactions and the consequences on plant fitness. I recently finished my PhD at the University of Wollongong which focused on investigating the combined role of the introduced honeybee (Apis mellifera) and magnet plants on the pollination of both native and exotic plants in Australian ecosystems. At the moment my research is focused on understanding the relative contribution of different pollinator species and their effect on both yield and fruit quality within several crop species.

Amy is now working as a Postdoc at Western Sydney University in Prof. James Cook's Lab

Twitter: @amymariegilpin