Horticulture industry connections

Bryony was in Adelaide earlier this week to present at HortConnections 2017 as part of the Precision Agriculture Research Group. The presentation team included two other PhD students (Surantha Salgadoe and Aaron Aeberli) and Research Fellow Jasmine Muir, and their presentation was titled "Emerging technology for managing Australian tree crops". The team are all part of the "Multi-Scale Monitoring Tools for Managing Australian Tree Crops- Industry meets Innovation" project being led by Assoc. Prof. Andrew Robson (UNE). Bryony spoke about her own PhD project and the work being done by other collaborators on the project.

Bryony has also just had a paper accepted in Current Opinion in Insect Science - stay tuned to find out when it's available online!

Bryony K. Willcox, Marcelo A. Aizen, Saul A. Cunningham, Margaret M. Mayfield, and Romina Rader (in press) Deconstructing pollinator community effectiveness. Current Opinion in Insect Science