Summer research in the Australian Alps!

Rader Lab Honours student Emma Goodwin is spending January enjoying peak wildflower season in Kosciuszko National Park. Emma is supervised by Romina and Manu, as well as Francisco Encinas-Viso and Juanita Rodriguez from CSIRO in Canberra.

Emma is investigating pollinator networks in the Australian alpine region near Charlotte Pass, Kosciuszko National Park. The project involves insect visitor observations to explore the interactions between alpine flora and pollinators. Pollen from visitations will be sampled to look at both the quantity and diversity that specific insects are carrying. This will contribute to a greater understanding of pollination ecology of alpine Australia.

After her stint on top of Australia, Emma will return to Canberra to analyse some data with her CSIRO colleagues, and then back to UNE Armidale in March to write up her honours thesis. Stay tuned for more of her project!