News and updates: crop pollination

Liam's PhD research on using managed stingless bees for blueberry pollination was recently covered in the Australian Blueberry Grower magazine. Click here and have a look at pages 25-26. Liam is currently in Finland for the European Congress of Conservation Biology, where he is presenting his work on a new R package to analyse bee morphological traits.

Manu, Romina and Toby recently published a letter in Science "Bee conservation: key role of managed bees". The letter was in response to a previously-published opinion piece in Science and highlights the critical role that managed pollinators play in global food production (including honey bees, but also stingless bees, orchard bees, bumble bees etc.). We need managed pollinators for agriculture, but it's important to choose the 'best' one for the system and managed landscapes to also support wild pollinators that enhance fruit set too. Read more on Manu's blog.

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